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Career Advice and Online Schools

If you are a high school student nearing graduation, or someone who wants to continue their education, where do you go to for help and career advice? More often than not with the advancement of technology, the answer may be just a click away.

Proliferation of Online Schools

Since early in 2000, online schools have been popping up offering degrees and certifications. Some of these schools are the traditional ones, but look to being open with the times and adapt a new method as to how education is delivered. Typing “online schools” attests to this, as a number of lists of these virtual schools are easily accessible.

Online Education

Different universities and colleges have been offering associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and even advancement degrees such as masters. Online education becomes more convenient especially for stay at home parents, persons with disabilities, people with day time jobs, and even for regular students who can’t afford a traditional education due to distance, and financial constraints. Some training programs can not be completed online as they may require hands on training. Such technical programs such as auto technician, lab technician and hvac technician training may be dificult to learn online.

Career Advice from Online Schools

Students are able to get career advice through the online school’s help desks, and sometimes through real time consultation via chat or video conference. To know more about the pros and cons of getting career advice from online schools, here are some lists:


Accessible, convenient and no travel expenses—some students get to inquire without the hassles of visiting the actual institution. If it is a standalone online school, students are able to talk to a representative at any time.
Multimedia representations of courses offered and the amenities and facilities the school has to offer.
Job opportunities are integrated with the website. This means to say that the careers the online schools would suggest to you are the ones they are offering as well as opportunities of employment through linkages with other companies.
A student is able to browse through a number of degrees or careers to choose from, their corresponding curriculum, the number of hours needed to complete the course, and a ready to download course outline among other documents.


Career advice from online schools may not entirely be legitimate. Due to the proliferation of these online schools, scams are not unlikely, including the “personnel” who are talking you into investing in a career which they could financially extort from you.
You do not see, and so you are unsure if the person you are talking to at the end of the line is a real professional, and the advices he or she may be giving you is from a person who may be the same age as you are or even younger.
Commercialized course and degree offerings—More often than not, these sites convince you through easy and get-quick degrees with a certification that may well be unrecognized by the Department of Education.
Starting a career is a critical point in a student’s life, and it is quintessential to find a sound career advice that directs you to what you want to achieve or make of yourself.

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