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Importance of Taking Core Subjects

Students always wonder why they have to take up and study subjects that are somewhat unrelated to what they want to be in life. Why does an Engineer have to take up classes in English? How can Math help a policeman? When can chefs use Science in the kitchen?

This article aims at explaining the importance of core subjects in a student’s preparation for his or her career. This article will describe the use of Science, Math, and English in our everyday lives and the occupations that require a certain level of competence in these fields.

Writing and reading skills are fundamental skills that we start learning at a young age. So why are we required to study them during high school and even beyond that? Taking classes in English helps in improving our communication skills, and this is essential in any job.

During High School, many students learn the basic like spelling, vocabulary, reading, grammar, and composition. Learning things like constructing paragraphs and sentences lay the groundwork in order for one to write effective essays, letters, reports, and term papers. English classes also allow students to be exposed to literature, and this teaches pupils to analyze the words of other people and it provokes thoughts by giving insight to the condition of humans.

Skills in Math help individuals in coping with the complex world of today. We make use of Math in carrying out everyday tasks like balancing checkbooks, shopping for our groceries, creating a budget for ourselves and our families, and even in cooking. Other necessary skills that we can get from studying Math are things like problem analysis, solving, and estimating. Knowledge in Math is important in order for one to learn a living through various occupations, and this includes the higher-paying ones.

Although most of the occupations require some kind of fundamental skills in Math, other jobs rely on this subject more heavily compared to the others. If you took a lot of Math courses or majored in Math during college, there are various occupations that may be right for you.

Studying Science and Technology will help us understand the different discoveries that might affect our everyday lives. Each moment that we use the television, telephone, or computer, we are making use of a product that was made through science. When we make decisions regarding our diet and health, we make use of our knowledge on the Science subject. Even ordinary hobbies like gardening, photography, and cooking rely on specific scientific principles.

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