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The Pros and Cons of Technology in Student’s Learning

Everything around us is surrounded by technology. Technology makes life easier. It assists us in making our work faster. Aside from that, it helps us gain knowledge easier and faster. With technology, we can get the information that we need in just a blink of an eye.

A few years ago, technology is not frequently used as a tool in learning, but these days, technology is the number one tool for learning. However, the use of technology for learning does not only provide advantages. Disadvantages also accompany its use. Many classrooms are renovated to give way to technology, but most would still say that even though technology makes it easier for learning, the old methods of teaching is still the best way to learn.
Presented here are the advantages and disadvantages of technology in a students’ learning.


• With technology, the student can learn faster.
• The student can use many learning styles introduced by technology.
• It is easier to retrieve the information that you need for your projects or assignments.
• Technology is made accessible to everyone. Thus, anyone who seeks any information can get it anytime they need it. They do not have to spend hours looking for the books in the library and search for the information that they are seeking.


• Due to the easy access of information, students tend to lose good communication skills and diminish their interactive abilities between other people especially those in their school.
• When it comes to practicality, not everyone can afford to buy or have access to a computer. Because of this, those who are poor tend to suffer because of their lesser exposure to the equipment used.
• Though technology provides ease and faster access, nothing can still replace the humans – teachers. Computers are the trend these days. Not all, however, could benefit from this. Let us take into consideration online classes with virtual teachers. Not everyone can catch up or understand what these teachers say. Personal explanation of the topic is still preferred by many who want to learn more. Technology can be used to supplement the information learned, but studying with a teacher is still the best method to understand the topic you want to know.
• When technology is the priority of schools, it causes hindrance to learning. Instead of using technology to assist in learning, sometimes the focus is to purchase all the advances in technology, thus lesser focus to the goal of teaching students the right way.
• Pursuing the use of technology during classes consumes much time. We cannot prevent technical problems that might happen in the middle of a lecture. When a problem occurs, this oftentimes causes a delay in the discussion. Instead of teaching the students, the teacher spends more time fixing the problem before proceeding with the lecture. Because of this, the student deprives herself or himself to learn.
• The more advanced the equipment that you use, the more expensive it gets. Using technology for learning is expensive. That is why, if you can do away with this, the better. Nothing is better than a teacher explaining to you the lesson using just a chalk and a black board.

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